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  • Do you have a outdoor signage?
    Yes! Look for the sign above our entrance. We are between Mr. Calzone and Fort Garry Dental.
  • How accessible is your clinic?
    Our Fort Garry location is at street level on Pembina Hwy. There is one step up into our clinic but we are working towards getting a ramp. If you require a handicap parking spot please contact us in advance so we can obtain one for you.
  • Do you have parking at this location?
    This location does not have a parking lot and is strictly street parking. There is parking directly in front of our clinic but please be aware of the time restrictions on Pembina Hwy. The adjacent streets also have lots of parking available. Please take into account finding parking before your appointment as we are not responsible for your transport. The yellow lines indicate the closest parking lanes. Pembina Hwy has time restrictions during rush hour.
  • What should I expect in treatment?
    The experience is meant to be mostly relaxing. You will be given instructions if we need you to do something, such as moving a limb. Otherwise, you should try to close your eyes, relax your muscles, and focus on your breathing to help calm the mind.
  • What type of treatment is right for me?
    The answer is different for everyone. You will discuss with your RMT what type of massage is best suited to your needs for the best treatment possible. Each session may have different techniques and methods.
  • How much of my appointment is massage?
    Usually a small amount of time is spent on assessment but no more than 5 minutes. The amount of time spent massaging is between 55-60 minutes in a 1 hour massage.
  • Do you do mobile/out-call massage?
    We do not provide mobile massage service but we highly recommend Shaun Castor of Wow Massage.
  • How should I prepare for my massage?
    To feel the most comfortable, use the restroom immediately prior to your treatment. Make sure to be hydrated and not overly full from eating. If possible, remove jewelry you don’t want to get massage oil on. Do not exercise immediately before/after massage. The body is healing and combining massage and exercise can create stress for the body in its’ healing process.
  • Can I still come if I'm running late?
    Absolutely, we will try to be accommodating as long as it doesn't make us late for the next appointment. We will attempt to contact you after the start of your appointment if you haven't arrived yet. Please note that you are charged for the the full amount of time you have blocked off from our schedule.
  • What is the cancellation policy?
    You can change your appointment without penalty when you give us plenty of notice. There are fees for cancelling with less than 24hours notice and for no-shows. Please visit our Policies page to get more information.
  • Do you have a sign outside?
    We are located in a shared multidisciplinary office (WCM Health & Wellness Offices) in the Winnipeg Conservatory of Music building, which does not allow us to have outdoor signage. Instead look for the front left Door C labelled WCM Health & Wellness Offices.
  • How accessible is your clinic?
    There is one handicap parking space located in the front parking lot. Our clinic is located on the main floor and there is one step up into the building. Our washrooms are located on the 2nd floor and only accessible by stairs.
  • Are you located in Polo Park?
    We are not located in Polo Park but directly across the street on Portage Avenue. We are in a 2-floor brown building across from the Clarion Hotel and Earl's Restaurant. This location is not allowed outdoor signage. Look for the Winnipeg Conservatory of Music building and enter the front left door labelled door "C".
  • Do you have free parking?
    Yes, parking is free and located in our front small lot or in the large overflow lot behind the building. Note there is only an entrance in the front of the building.
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